The Gift –

This is from one of our Graduates ,

who is also enrolled in our Servant Leadership Program.

God showed me a beautiful gift, that He carefully wrapped. It was His most treasured possession. He took such joy in it. When He placed it down for others to admire, a thief took notice. He saw how beautiful it was and he saw the value it had so he took to it. He broke it, tore it, and abused it. He spent several years convincing it that it had no value, it was worthless. Once the thief was done tearing it apart, he left it alone. The creator walked by and saw the Special Gift picked it up and began rebuilding it. He used the brokenness to create something even more beautiful. Once He was done, he used this Special Gift for others to enjoy. the brokenness made it even more beautiful than beforeand made His value increase because there was not another creation like it. You see it was created for excellence. A thief will not take the cheapest thing, He looks for what has the greatest value. 

GOD TOLD ME I WAS HIS GREATEST GIFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 By: Julie Graves August 2013