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You may be visiting this site because either you or someone you love is in desperate need of “rescue”! We want to welcome you to our site and offer you our hand of support as you go through this valley of decision. You may be reading this screen now and asking yourself, “How did I end up here?”, “How did my baby boy or baby girl end up like this?” You may have sworn to yourself as a child that you would never end up a damaged, broken, and lost.  Somehow, you’ve become your worst nightmare!

At New Beginnings Ministry, Inc. we want to let you know that there is hope, there is light at the end of your tunnel. We believe that you did not just stumble onto this web page by accident. Perhaps your footsteps have been divinely ordered to this very site, this organization at this moment in time.

Our desire is to share with you, not only a ministry with a documented 72% success rate at 12+ months, but a lifestyle free from life damaging behaviors, and to live a life of freedom in Christ.
There is only one criteria for your entry into our Ministry and that is, do you have a sincere desire to change? If so, take the next step: apply now or download the application, pick up the phone, and make the call to 706.356.2113.

There is someone that loves you and cares about your future, waiting on the other side of the phone to help you.

Perhaps, along the path of life you lost your way. Pain and frustration lead you to a life of life damaging behaviors, attitudes, and even alcohol dependency. Just know that the sin life does not have to be your master. Allow our world class staff to partner with you and show you the path that has lead many out of the wilderness of bondage.

It’s time that you choose “A New Beginning”, We will walk with you every step of the way. Come on, make the call. –706-356-2113

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