After being here 12 months ,and establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ, residents  need to continue their spiritual walk.

Here they can continue establishing personal goals, reassess them, and set new ones to keep themselves moving forward in their journey. It is also necessary for them to have a spiritual support system where they can discuss their life issues. Part of the major inadequacies is that they are unable to cope with life on life’s terms. The longer they stay and face life, deal with problems and difficulties without backsliding, the better their chances are of being a disciple of Christ.

To help the residents with this phase of their life, we offer graduate housing. Once they have been here 12 months and accomplished their set personal goals, they can move into one of our graduate homes where they work a job, cook, clean, take care of their children (if they have them) and take responsibility for their actions in a safe, Christ like, environment.  transport them to and from work if they do not have a vehicle, and provide support.

There are 3 major Risks for that can cause you to fall from Christ

  1.  Is reunification with their children
  2. Unresolved childhood trauma
  3. Unhealthy relationships with men

Our Real Life Studies is where the ladies come together every  week and talk among themselves  any problems that they may be encountering, as well as praying with one another and seeking God’s guidance.  Our staff who are walking out their own, Christian Journey,  will help them identify any areas where the enemy is trying to sneak in and attack their walk with God.

Real Life Studies is open to anyone in our graduate housing, as well those who have left New Beginnings, and are walking out their salvation.