This ministry was birthed out of Ms. Thompson’s desire to see other women who struggled, become totally set free and delivered from the bondage of addiction. Ms. Thompson knows first-hand how devastating and ravaging the world of addiction can become. She herself was once addicted to both drugs and alcohol for over 18 years, but ‘today’ she has been clean and sober for 30 years ‘without relapse’. Ms. Thompson attributes her ability to live a sober and productive life to the love and freedom she found in Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior. Without the foundation of Jesus Christ, Ms. Thompson believes that she would not have found this ‘New Life’ that she has today. Christ is the center of her life and she wants to share that same love with other broken, hurting, hopeless women.

After becoming born again, Ms. Thompson would often minister at the local jails. One day she had the revelation that although she was ministering the love of Christ to the hearts of the women who were addicted to drugs and alcohol, she was not offering them any practical help once they were released from jail. This began the origin of New Beginnings. Ms. Thompson began moving women into her home one by one. She would cook for them, love them, teach them who they were in Christ, comfort them through withdrawals and cravings, impart strong work ethics, wake up and do it all over again the next day.

 So from the meager beginnings of one woman with a vision and one woman with an addiction, the ministry has become 10 graduate/transitional homes,  five fully staffed dormitories plus a dormitory (fully staffed) for women and their children. Additionally, we have a dormitory exclusively for adolescents, ages 12-17.

Although Ms. Thompson lives in very close proximity to the ministry and is very hands on in her approach, she never tires of the tremendous call on her life to help the broken and downtrodden women that society has given up on.

 Our mission at New Beginnings is to give women recovering from life destructive behaviors such as: co-dependency, anger issues, self loathing, self harm, low self-esteem as well as addictions to substances a safe, loving, Christian environment. We wish to provide a stable recovery setting which helps build self esteem, learn who they are in Christ, and a plan for their future functioning as a mature Christian serving the Lord.

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

1258 Greater Hope Road Martin,GA 30557