I did not begin my early years as an alcoholic or drug addict. I was an excellent student and found great satisfaction in being an over-achiever. I graduated Cum-laude with a degree in nursing from Brenau University and a specialty degree from Emory University. I was a registered nurse for 10 years, however no amount of success or education could fill the emptiness inside me.

My husband died when I was 24 years old. My life seemed to end and I had a nervous breakdown. Instead of crying out to God, I began drinking heavily. This progressed to stronger chemicals. I did not care if I lived or if I died. I was very alone and married another alcoholic. This proved to be yet another bad decision. I was so impaired that I became unable to work, my husband soon left, and my addiction greatly worsened. I had been introduced to crack cocaine while at another treatment center. I had a $100 – $200 a day habit to feed. I began stealing and this led me into trouble with the law.

I had a family member who helped me into New Beginnings. From the moment I walked into the sanctuary, God began dealing with me. I was truly broken and asked His forgiveness. On December 26, 2004 I was born again. I felt clean on the inside and the burden I had been carrying was lifted.  I look forward to many years of growing closer to my Lord. I will never regret turning my life over to Him. He kept me from going to prison and turned my life around for His purpose.

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